Which Teas Should be Drinked for Flu? Herbal Tips for Flu


The best method against flu is herbal methods. In these methods, hot teas are generally drunk. Of course, the first moments of the disease are very important. If the disease has not reached a very advanced stage against influenza infections, you can easily get rid of this disease with the following methods. The most important issue you should pay attention to in the  virus is to repeat hand and body cleaning carefully and frequently.


The illness begins with weakness, fatigue, and fever. In cases of high fever, tremors can be seen. There is pain in the eye sockets and forehead; weakness in organs such as arms and legs. Annoying cough, runny nose and sore throat are symptoms that accompany this disease.


Since this disease is caused by viruses, there is no cure. Since viruses are not affected by antibiotics, any antibiotic treatment will not work. After a 1-week waiting period, improvement is seen automatically.

The patient should definitely rest and drink plenty of fluids. It is especially beneficial to consume hot drinks. In the flu disease process, herbal teas made with herbs are very useful. Since fluid consumption will increase secretions, the virus that passes into the nasal and oral secretions can be thrown out quickly.

Vitamin supplements can cause illness quickly. Plenty of fruit should be consumed. A very regular and vitamin-based diet should be taken.

Cough suppressant drugs will be very useful. In addition to all these, it may be necessary to take pain relief antipyretic drugs.

Useful Herbal Methods for Flu

* Gargle with sage tea and drink it. Evening primula root is boiled and drunk as tea.

* Eucalyptus tea is drunk. This tea removes chest congestion, reduces fever, expectoration, and eliminates the flu virus in a very short time.

* Mint lemon tea also prevents throat irritation by reducing cough. Mint tea with antiviral properties prevents the spread and transmission of the flu virus.

* In case of headache, runny nose and tremors, sleeping and resting at home facilitates your recovery.

* If there is a flu epidemic, you can start by consuming plenty of garlic. At the same time, consumption of onion plays a good defense role against flu, with its strengthening effect on the body system.

* Vitamin C-rich fruits such as orange, tangerine and lemon should be consumed. These fruits are a great weapon against flu.

* Eating plenty of bananas or boiling a banana and drinking it’s water is also a very effective treatment against flu.

Ginger tea:

which you can prepare with fresh or dried ginger, is one of the most ideal teas that you can use to relieve chest congestion and relieve runny nose associated with flu. Ginger tea also reduces chronic pain, opens the respiratory tract, reduces allergic reactions, strengthens blood circulation, is good for sore throat, increases sweating and reduces fever.

Eucalyptus and Flu


The eucalyptus plant can be used to alleviate many of the symptoms of the flu, especially chest and nasal congestion. Besides, eucalyptus tea is good for cough, used in the treatment of bronchitis, it is good for cold and flu, it is good for sore throat, it prevents bad breath, it is used externally for the treatment of wounds on the skin.

If your disease is goning worse, you should definitely see a doctor.

source: https://abcnews.go.com/

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