What is the Walnut Diet That Keeps You Full and Lose Weight?


Walnuts, which everyone uses sometimes in desserts, sometimes in meals and even in salads, has many benefits. In this article; What are the benefits of walnuts? How is the walnut diet made? What are used in walnut diet? What is a full diet? We will find answers to such questions.

First of all, there are images that look like a walnut brain that most of us see everywhere. Do walnuts really help the brain? Answer: yes there is. But besides this, it has many benefits. Let’s see what those are.

What Are the Benefits of Walnuts?

  1. Strengthens memory
  2. Protects against heart diseases
  3. Lowers cholesterol
  4. Controls Sugar Level for Type 2 Diabetes Patients: It has been observed that it reduces the rate of developing heart diseases by reducing the risk of vascular occlusion in patients with this disease.
  5. Keeps dieters full
  6. Fights against cancer cells (Especially Prostate and Breast Cancer)
  7. Contributes to the Development of Bones: It slows down the bone resorption seen in later ages and the loss of minerals in the structure of the bones.
  8. Allows us to sleep comfortably: Thanks to the powerful antioxidant melatonin in its structure, it regulates sleep. Provides a comfortable sleep.
  9. Nourishes Hair and Skin: We now know the importance of components such as omega 3, vitamin E, iron and zinc in skin and hair care. In addition, walnuts contain plenty of vitamins H and B7. You can care and mask by consuming and externally using oil.
  10. Used in Skin Diseases such as Eczema: For this, you can apply walnut oil little by little to the areas where you have skin diseases. Of course, you should not be allergic to walnut and walnut oil for this, you shuould  consult your doctor.

How to Make Walnut Diet?

Since walnuts are a fatty food, this diet may seem a little odd. But because walnuts keep you full, you don’t consume other foods much during the day. Sometimes there are diets made with walnut juice. But we will talk about edible walnuts in this diet. Walnut diet is a diet that keeps the diet full, helps digestion and evacuation thanks to the nutritional fibers it contains and helps to lose weight fast. In this diet, it is aimed that the abundant amount of unsaturated fatty acids contained in walnuts will benefit the body.

Yes, now let’s see how this diet is made …

It is necessary to eat 3 dates and 3 whole walnuts at each of 3 meals in the morning, noon and evening. However, since such a limited diet alone will not be healthy, it is also a healthier method to consume salads with lots of greens and lemon and low-fat yoghurt for snacks. Apart from that, of course, it is very important that you do not neglect to drink at least 2 liters of water during the day.

You can also diet with only walnut water cure.



Put the walnut kernel in a glass of warm water and wait until morning. If you want, you can add cinnamon and lemon to this water. First drink the water and then consume the walnut. This process will help you lose weight.

Things to pay attention!!

As with all diet types, be sure to get help from an expert.

If you are allergic to walnuts or dates, you should never follow this diet.

Walk at least 30 minutes daily.

Drink plenty of water.

If you have a chronic disease, consult your doctor.

Remember, do not do any health programs alone. Be sure to get help from a specialist and a dietician. Stay healthy.

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