What is Detox? How to Do Detox Diet for Weight Loss?


The detox method is not only weight loss but also a diet. The reason why it has been preferred recently is that it gives fast results to lose weight. Although people try to prevent the storage of fat with adequate and balanced nutrition programs, they tend to gain weight after a certain period of time. The detox programs that come into play here they both helps to lose weight and makes the body more vigorous and healthy.

What is Detox? Is Detoxing Necessary ?

It has become almost impossible to find water and air which are not polluted by chemical wastes. Law enforcement is insufficient and also every day  lots of new toxic chemicals are  launching that have not yet become life threatening. We are exposed to them every day and take them into our bodies, and we store them in our bodies because most of them dissolve in fat.

How These Toxins Are Formed?


The body actually cleans up the toxins in various ways every day, especially at night and early in the morning. Our organs and systems such as the livers, kidneys, intestines, lymphatic system, which do this job in the body, expel toxic substances. In addition, factors such as stress, excess alcohol, smoking, alcohol, air pollution, fast food, fried fatty foods are also factors that increase the amount of toxins. Therefore, it accumulates in the body because we are exposed to too much in our daily life.  In addition to sports and exercise, detox programs can be applied with vegetable juices and light meals.

Different Methods You Can Detoxification Other Than Detox

  • Exsercise
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Sauna
  • Massage
  • Enema
  • Detox Food Supplements

Situations Where Detox Is Inappropriate

Detoxification is inconvenient to;  children and old people, those with serious chronic diseases, alcohol and substance addicts, those who have been poisoned by heavy metal or radio activity, and of course pregnant and nursing mothers.

How to Do Detox Diet?


While doing a detox diet, it should be paid attention to the regular meals. Salt should not be used but spices can be used instead of salt. You should stay away from tea and coffee. But herbal teas such as green tea, cinnamon, thyme, mint, sage, rosehip, turmeric, and ginger can be preferred. Meat, meat products and milk are excluded from the diet. But fat-free yogurt and kefir are not excluded. Generally people comsume  detox drinks which are  prepared with green leafy vegetables. At least 3 liters of water is consumed per day. It is an important rule to consume vegetables and fruits used in detox soups and beverages in season. First, eat steamed or boiled fresh vegetables and greens. While eating, chew food thoroughly. Absolutely, sugar and all foods containing sugar should be avoided.

  Sample One-Day Detox Diet Menu

Detox water or detox smoothie should be prepared as a drink.

Morning: Drink two glasses of water as soon as you get up. (water should be squeezed half a lemon in a glass)

Breakfast: One room temperature fruit, it can be apple, peach, banana or green lemon. Chew well.

Green beverage prepared with celery stalk, kale leaf, lemon, green apple, fresh ginger and fennel.

Lunch : One or two bowls of boiled or steamed vegetables, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chard, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, onions, garlic

Beverage prepared with spinach, cabbage, green apple, cucumber and pear.

Dinner: Soup prepared using spinach, olive oil, leek, onion, garlic, parsley, lemon juice and water.

Snacks: One or two cups of vegetable juice, one fruit

Night: Only herbal teas should be drunk.

Note: As we say in all diet lists, factors such as your age, gender, metabolism may require different diets and menus. Therefore, definitely get help from an expert.
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