Benefits of Celandine for Eye Health and Celandine Tea


Celandine is a plant that treats vision disorders and is very useful for eye health. In addition to this, its most important feature is that it is incredibly durable in summer heat and it continues to live even if it is under the snow in winter cold. Celandine, known as Chelidonium majus with its scientific name, is grown from May to late autumn. It varies between 30 and 80 centimeters in height and its leaves are reminiscent of the leaves of an oak tree. Here are all the benefits and uses of the celandine plant, which is healing for many diseases from cleaning the blood to eye diseases.

The Benefits of Celandine Can Be Summarized as follows:

  1. – It is a powerful blood cleanser. It also has blood-forming properties.
  2.   Used in the treatment of blood cancer.
  3. – Boosts metabolism.
  4. – It treats kidney, gall bladder and liver diseases.
  5. – When consumed with its root, it is incredibly good for jaundice disease.
  6. – It has therapeutic properties in skin diseases such as warts, eczema, calluses.
  7. – A very useful herb for the eyes. It treats cataracts and corneal spots.
  8. – The liquid you get from celandine leaves is good for eye discomfort caused by fatigue.
  9. – It is recommended for excessive hair growth in women. (Often excessive hair growth is caused by kidney disease.)
  10. – It is very useful for eye health. Recommended for those who wear glasses. Among regular users some of them stopped wearing glasses.

How to Use Celandine?


It has various uses such as  tea, juice, extract and wine.

Use for eye and against vision disorders: The liquid obtained from the fresh leaves of the plant is good for eye fatigue, visual impairment and cataracts when applied to the edges of the eyelids. Many people discontinued the use of glasses after use celandine , and it was seen that the plant even treated eye cancer.

We recommend that you use it under expert control when you have problems with your eyes.

How to Prepare Celandine Tea?



* 1 teaspoon of celandine

* 250 ml of water

Recipe of Tea: 1 teaspoon of celandine is added into 250 ml of boiled water.The mixture is continued to be boiled for a while. It is used by straining after boiling.

How to Prepare juice of the Celandine? The leaf, stem and flower parts of the celandine are washed. While it is moist, its juice is squeezed out with the help of a food processor.

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