15 Little Known Benefits of Garlic (Proven)


There are incredible benefits of garlic, which some people perhaps hate and cannot stand its smell. Among these benefits, there are surely what you have heard before. But perhaps you will encounter information about the benefits of garlic that you have never heard or read in this article.

Where Is It Grown? What Are the Contents of Garlic?


Garlic, a bulbous plant species of the genus Allium, does not grow in the wild. It can be grown year-round in more temperate climates. Based on ancient cuneiform writings, it is estimated that the history of garlic in Mesopotamia is about 4000 years. The most production in the world is made by China.

Garlic contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as carbohydrates and protein. The most abundant vitamins are B6 and C vitamins. Besides this vitamin, there are choline, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9 vitamins. Among the minerals, there are mostly manganese and potassium. After these minerals, there is calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. There is also a small amount of selenium.

The Effects and Benefits of Garlic on Diseases

Some researches and studies reveal its positive effects. In some studies, serious results were not obtained. But what is known is that this plant has been used for diseases for thousands of years.

Let’s take a look at the miraculous benefits of this incredible herb, which is used as food or as a spice in general….

1. Helps You Lose Weight.

Garlic helps you lose weight by fighting fat in your body. In a controlled experimental study, it has been found that those who take garlic supplements are especially thin on the waist.

2. Effective in Cardiovascular Diseases.

Very important scientific researches in cardiovascular diseases has been made. According to researches, garlic;

* It prolongs the calcification time that causes vessel stiffness.

* Depending on thrombocyte (blood cells that allow blood to clot) prevents cardiovascular diseases.

* It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. In a way lowers blood pressure

* It is good for diabetes.

* It has shown very effective results in heart diseases.

3. Against Cancer: Anticancer

Recent studies have shown that garlic has very good results against cancer. Some components of garlic against cancer It has a lethal effect. Especially bowel and breast cancer It is effective in diseases. For example, in a study in Puerto Rico the use of garlic and onion helps prevent breast cancer It has been observed.

4. Keeps Memory Strong: Hope in Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory becomes stronger due to the effect of the choline vitamin found in garlic. It can be a natural solution to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. Indeed, in studies on Alzheimer’s disease, Aged-Garlic It can be seen that the extract gives effective results. It has also been found to increase brain flexibility.

5. Garlic Is A Prebiotic Food

We know that foods containing prebiotics are beneficial for our intestines. Because some beneficial microorganisms in the intestine are prebiotic It makes the intestine work better by using nutrients. Made to last according to the study, it was stated that garlic contains prebiotics. Thus we can say that garlic enriches and diversifies the intestinal flora.

6. Garlic for Gum Inflammation

Some experimental studies, especially using AGE (Aged Garlic Extract) studies have been done. According to these results, garlic reduces gingivitis. It also shows anti-microbial properties.

7. Strengthens the Immune System

It is a natural defense force to gain resistance against diseases such as the common cold, flu and even coronavirus. You can consume garlic tea. Can you also take a look at this article that strengthens your immune system.

8. Fights Against Toxins

Garlic has antioxidant properties. Thus, brain, kidney, lung, against toxic substances found in the liver and many organs fights. While doing this, it cleans especially free radicals. So it is actually a complete antidote. 

9. Natural Remedy for Fungal Infections

Garlic especially against fungal infections in hands and feet it is incredibly effective. Fill a bowl of water with some crushed garlic sheep. Then soak your hands or feet in this water. Here is a wonderful natural solution.

10. Eliminates Lip Blisters and Acne

It is very ethical due to its anti-microbial properties. It will be enough to crush the garlic and rub it on the acne or herpes.

11. It is Beneficial Against Anthrax Disease

It has been observed in a study that it is effective against Bacillusanthracis, a bacterium that causes anthrax.

12. Garlic Effect Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You did not hear wrong. Studies have shown that it is also effective against this disease that surrounds the whole world. Garlic is known to be a natural antibiotic against viruses and bacteria. Organosulfur andflavonoid compounds in its structure inhibited the covid-19 virus.

13. Reduces Hair Loss

Thanks to the allicin substance it contains, it reduces hair loss. It will be enough to apply crushed garlic to the spillage. Of course if you can stand the smell.

14. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

We mentioned its content at the beginning of our article. It contains especially B and C vitamins. There are mostly potassium, magnesium and many other minerals as minerals.

15. Finally, it is a natural adhesive

It has an adhesive feature with its ingredient. In this way you can use it in a material around you. What are the side effects?

Consuming too much garlic can cause side effects. The presence of high sulfur compounds in its structure may cause a number of allergic reactions. In addition, excessive consumption of raw garlic can cause intestinal gases and damage to the intestinal flora during digestion. In addition, it was stated in a clinical study that breastfeeding mothers should not consume too much.



For your health, first eat naturally. You have to make this a habit. As can be understood from this article, natural nutrition is a necessity for our health. Remember that everything is in nature …









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